Revealed: Are Home Security Systems Worth It in 2023?

Home security on keyboard

Home security on keyboard

Have you been debating about whether or not a home security system is worth your money? Such setups typically consist of equipment like security cameras, motion detectors, break-in alarms, video doorbells, and a monitoring center. You may wonder if the cost of purchasing and installing such a system is justified, even though doing so can help you save money in the long run on your homeowner’s insurance and by preventing burglaries.

It’s natural to question whether a security system can actually ensure enhanced protection and peace of mind.

If you ask, “Is a home security system worth it?” or “Do I really need a home security system?”, then you might also want to know how effective a home security system really is.

The cost of installing a home security system should be thought of as an investment for the safety of your home and your family.

This blog post will share all the information you need to know to decide whether home security systems are really worth your money. We’ll examine the pros and cons of security systems and their financial viability as an investment in your home or business, so you can make an informed decision.

What are Home Security Systems?

A person sitting near CCTV cameras and using a security app on mobile

A security system is a set of devices and equipment that work together to protect you and your property.

Security systems are made to stop unauthorized entry, watch over a property’s interior and exterior, and monitor environmental conditions inside the home or business.

When burglars plan a burglary, they want a plan that gives them the best chance to leave the scene of the crime easily and without getting caught. Since security systems place sensors around each door and window, or each point of entry, burglars are unable to safely enter or escape.

Home security systems act as a deterrent to burglary by adding a layer of protection to the property, especially in places like doors, windows, and lawns.

The more specialized a home security system, the more functions it can have. In addition to preventing crimes like burglary, a security system can also be compatible with home automation and help with environmental monitoring.

Security companies understand that they need to offer different bundles and packages that suit different or unique security needs and budgets. Most of the companies offer a consultation to learn about a package that will suit your needs.

Security Systems: What are the Statistics?

Security systems have a lot of equipment and devices

A theft is committed every minute in Florida, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), with more than 70% of the burglaries occurring on residential property.

The statistics are unsettling. Because of these numbers, Florida has elected to have important standards for home security providers, including specific requirements on who is allowed to be licensed to install these systems.

Florida alarm companies need to pass stringent testing every few years and have continuing education, as you might see in other professions. As a matter of fact, as of 2015, Florida has one of the most stringent policies on home alarm certification requirements in the entire United States.

Who Needs A Security System?

a house with a security camera for the door and window

Home security systems are smart for every home, rented or owned. A burglary might be planned, or it might be a crime of opportunity and a burglar does not differentiate between homeowners and renters. A rental property will suffice!

Almost every business can benefit from alarm systems, too. Most are at a disadvantage because they typically close for the night, leaving them vulnerable to crime. The only solutions are to hire a security company or install a system that will do that work, and more.

How do Security Systems help in Natural Disasters?

Imagine having sensors that alert you when someone attempts to break into your home!

Since we are given many days’ notice of an approaching hurricane, South Floridians have the opportunity to leave the area and ride out the storm elsewhere – leaving their homes vacant.

Security systems have features that can help monitor your property while you stay safely away. It can be equipped with security cameras, motion sensors, devices that alert you about your sliding glass doors, and more.

You will likely want to disarm your system during the storm to avoid accidental alarms, but with the ADT app, you can turn it back on when the storm is over, provided that you have electricity or battery power.

Being able to arm your security system from your safe place will be helpful not only to protect your property while you are gone, but the smart technology will help you to help assess the damage remotely. For example, you might be alerted about interior flooding or a carbon monoxide leak. With strategically placed cameras, you can observe your property and assess the damage.

No matter where you are in the world, you will always be notified if there is an attempted break-in. And if you have opted for professional monitoring as part of your security service, emergency responders will be notified immediately.

Key Features of a Home Security System

security system with security cameras.

A homeowner may want to know all the key features of a home security system before getting one for their house:

Professional Alarm Monitoring & Video Surveillance

The main feature of a home security system is an alarm system that is triggered by cameras and sensors.

Cameras and sensors are incomplete without an alarm system. When a camera or sensor picks up on irregular activity near any part of the interior or exterior of the home, like a door or window, it should set off an alarm. If you opted for features like professional monitoring, the authorities will also be alerted immediately. This way you can feel safe and comfortable.

Home Automation

If you are the proud homeowner of a smart home, you’ll want your security system to help with home automation.

When you have a smart home security system, smart lights can help make your home more secure. When a sensor picks up on someone approaching, the smart lights will activate, and a video will catch the person in action.

Burglars avoid any door where smart lights can alert people about their presence!

Burglar targeting your home.

Security systems can come with important features, like smoke detection, which can save lives.

You can decide which features of a security system are worthwhile investments. For example, specialized devices, such as smoke sensors. With ADT’s smoke sensor technology the fire department will be notified immediately and could save your home from disaster.

Wellness Alerts

Today’s sophisticated security systems also come with wellness alerts that can allow you to keep an eye on your senior loved ones!

A security system can support your family members when they are living independently. Not only can you remotely monitor their activity, but a panic button can be installed in the home for them to use when they feel that they are in danger.

For example, bed and door sensors will send you notifications when your loved one leaves the premises or doesn’t get out of bed in the morning. So, if they are inactive or showing signs of unusual activity, you will be able to intervene or call for help.

Types of Monitoring Systems

When you decide to get a security system for your home, it is important to learn about the different features that it can include. Ask to the salesman to describe the features that will meet your needs before making you a customized security system package.

Professional Monitoring System

When your system is professionally monitored, you don’t have to manually alert authorities about an intruder or a fire. The sensors automatically detect the issues and send a notification to you on your phone and alert help for you instantly. Therefore, help will arrive more quickly.

DIY Monitoring System

Girl using a self-monitoring or DIY Monitoring security system.

A self-monitoring or DIY monitoring system works best when you consistently arm and disarm it. You have to be heavily involved with your security system for it to actually be effective for the protection of your home.

A Combination of Professional Monitoring and DIY Monitoring

Some security companies offer you the best of both worlds- professional monitoring and DIY monitoring. This way, you know that the professionals are looking out for you 24/7 and you can also check out what is happening on the property any time you want. Contact City Alarms FL to learn about all of your options and then let them customize a package to meet your needs.

Pros of Having a Security System

When you opt for the installation of a home security system with 24/7 monitoring, you will gain many advantages:

Peace of Mind

No stress with a security system installed.

Home security systems can help give you peace of mind because you know they will deter crime and protect your home from environmental emergencies.

When you have a system that is equipped with security cameras and specialized sensors, you can feel confident about deterring intruders. Problems that might go unnoticed will also be detected and you will be notified before they become emergencies, for instance, a flooding problem.

Better Sleep

Better sleep is guaranteed with a security system.

When you have a reliable home security system, you can feel secure when you sleep.

Both adults and children can suffer from anxiety at night and might benefit from a bedtime routine. A walk-through of the home that includes being sure that the security system is armed can help them feel reassured of their safety, so they can sleep well.

When your security system is armed at night, you will feel safer and more relaxed so that you can sleep. Even if the neighborhood has seen burglaries before, it is comforting knowing that you have invested in a system that will protect your home!

You deserve a peaceful night of sleep!

Safety of Loved Ones

Since protecting your family is your priority, you should consider getting a home security system.

The last thing you want is for your family to be in harm’s way. A home security system alerts you and the police immediately so that you can take action.

You will rest assured that you are doing your best for your family and they will appreciate feeling safer and more secure in their home!

reduced homeowner's insurance with a security system in place.

Homeowners have every reason to have a home security system, it provides enhanced protection and reduces homeowner’s insurance premiums!

Insurance companies do take into account that a home security system enhances protection, especially when a security system with professional monitoring is installed. Some homeowners insurance premiums can be lowered by as much as 20% when monitored security systems are installed!

Insurance companies appreciate that you have a home security service that protects your home from burglars and other disasters!

Less Stress on Vacation

a relaxing vacation with a professionally monitored security system at home.

When you’re on vacation, a home security system can help you feel safe, knowing that the police will be contacted about any emergency or burglary attempts.

Leaving your home unprotected for a vacation can be stressful. However, if you have invested in a reliable security system, burglars will likely be deterred from breaking in.

With a security system you can leave your house with confidence, knowing that the features of the security system will provide the protection that you expect. Whether it’s the sensors or cameras keeping an eye on all activity around the home, nothing will be missed by a professional monitoring system! You can also check in on your home through the app that is linked to your security system.

Cons of Having a Security System

Before you decide to install a security system, you might want to know the very few cons of having one:

An Investment

The cost of a home security system could discourage homeowners from getting it installed.

Homeowners already deal with many costs, which is why paying for another service like professional monitoring may seem to be too much to pay for. While every person with a home wants to protect their house from burglars, it can be difficult to do so without spending money upfront. That being said, compared to the safety of your family, an investment like this should be well worth it.

Accidentally Setting Off The Alarm System

False alarms can occur when you have a home security system.

Sometimes a security system alarm will be triggered by mistake. For example, If you forget to disarm the system when you are at home, opening a window could trigger an alarm. Or perhaps your smoke detector detects a problem while you are cooking.

To avoid this, you need to be well-versed with the security system and its features. Knowing how to disarm it can help reduce the rate of false alarms in no time.

Meet City Alarms FL Security System: Authorized ADT Dealer of The Best Self-Monitored Home Security Systems

Reliable installation of security system equipment and devices with a reliable security company called City Alarms FL.

City Alarms FL offers customizable security solutions suitable for your needs and budget.

City Alarms FL is an authorized ADT dealer that can provide and install the security equipment you need for enhanced safety and protection of your home or business.

Our free consultation guarantees that you get everything you require to feel safe and secure with your property. A variety of tools are available, including video cameras, ADT Command® monitoring centers, video doorbells, smart thermostats, smart locks, alarms, and sensors. You’ll have a chance to describe and discuss your security needs, have your questions answered and get a price quote so that you can make an informed decision.

At City Alarms FL, we want to customize a system to meet your needs.

City Alarms FL has an affordable monthly fee and offers a comprehensive, professionally monitored security system that helps keep you safe.

City Alarms FL specializes in home security solutions that are customized to your specific requirements and budget. We offer a wide range of services and pricing to help you protect your home or business. The price for our most common packages starts at $42.99 per month. At $63.99, our comprehensive systems include a remote app to arm/disarm, an extensive range of home automation controls, video cameras, and smart lights.

From our headquarters in Miami, Florida, we serve the Southeastern United States by providing customized security systems for both homeowners and business owners. Feel free to give us a call about your home or business security questions or click this link. We’re here to answer your questions and help you find exactly what you need!

Is a Home Security System Worth It?

Homeowners and business owners benefit greatly from installing a security system. Security equipment and devices can protect all entry points, raising the alarm and alerting you and the police if an intruder attempts to get in.

It can act as a deterrent to burglaries, reduce homeowner’s insurance premiums and enhance protection for your family and your valuable possessions.

When you want to sell your house, you might get a higher appraisal and prospective home buyers will consider the security system an attractive add-on to its value.

A home security system is a worthy investment!

The Final Takeaway

Despite the extra cost, installing a home security system is well worth it! Investing in a home security system can be a big decision so you’ll want to shop around and find a reputable provider. Contact City Alarms FL, and get a free price quote for a customized solution that meets your needs and your budget. With City Alarms FL you’ll get the protection you want from burglaries or emergencies that threaten your home – and you won’t have to overspend to feel secure.


How Much Is The Installation?

Some security system installations cost nothing upfront, whereas some can cost anywhere from $199-500. The installation cost for each security system will vary. Call City Alarms FL at 786-524- 4089 or click here for a free quote.

Pro Tip: Don’t try to install security system equipment and devices on your own. Let professionals like City Alarms FL handle the installation, as they can ensure that everything is installed safely and correctly.

How Much Is The Equipment?

The amount you pay for the security system equipment depends on which package you choose. Our most common basic package starts at $42.99 per month, but since every security system can be customized according to your security needs, it is best that you contact us at City Alarms FL to get a free quote.

Is ADT Worth Getting?

ADT is well known for the high-quality security equipment you need to safeguard your home or business. With ADT, your system will be monitored by trained professionals around-the-clock and you can upgrade your system at any time. You can trust City Alarms FL, a licensed ADT dealer, to properly install the system you need.

What Happens If I Breach The Contract?

If you breach a security system contract, you may incur a penalty. Canceling a contract may require you to pay a fee equal to roughly 70 percent of the contract’s remaining value.

Do Home Security Systems Deter Crime?

Home security systems do act as a deterrent to crime. More than 80% of incarcerated burglars reported trying to determine the presence of a security system before choosing their target, while 50% said that they would leave the scene if they set off an alarm.

Is a Monitored Alarm System Worth It?

A monitored alarm system can protect your house, your family, and all that you’ve worked for. The peace of mind that this service offers far outweighs its cost.

Is it Better to Have a Wired or Wireless Home Security System?

Wired security systems’ signals are more consistent, but wireless ones are easier to set up and can be used in more locations. Therefore, which type of system is better for you depends on the unique security needs of your house.

Do Security Systems Need Internet?

Security systems need either a wired connection or a wireless Wi-fi connection to function. Some systems can be installed on the same wired or wireless internet circuit as the TV and phone system to reduce the installation cost.

Does Having a Security System Increase Home Value?

A home security system may not immediately increase the value of your home but a prospective buyer might like it. However, it is considered an added value, and depending on how current your system is, your home might get a higher appraised value.

What Is Environmental Monitoring And Surveillance?

Security systems that feature environmental monitoring and surveillance assess the changes in the indoor environment. For example, carbon monoxide gas detection, smoke detection, and more. Some devices will detect water and alert you so that you can act to prevent water damage. Others can monitor high or low temperatures so that you can avoid mold growth or frozen pipes.

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